If not now, when?

Rabbi Hillel - 13th Century

My Approach to Life Coaching

How I work

My life coaching is client led, person centred, and it's a truly a collaborative endeavour.  


I'm a naturally warm and intuitive person, with a lot of wisdom and insight gained from my professional experience as well as my own life experiences.

I've trained in many specialist areas which all underpin my life coaching, these include;  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Stress Management, Relationships, Couples, Groups, Health, Addictions, Person Centred Theory and much more. These areas have all given me experience and knowledge of working with a large range of techniques.


I am selective and intuitive about which I draw on in order to respond appropriately to your needs. I provide a safe and confidential space which encourages my clients to relax, and for us both to build up a trusting rapport.

I adhere to professional code of ethics and the values of life coaching/counselling at all times.

I offer a free initial consultation where together we explore what has brought you to life coaching, and I can find out what you would like to get out of it.


This is a chance for us to discover a little about one another, and ultimately see if we will work well together. It's an opportunity for me to assess whether I am the right person to offer you the help and support you need, and for you to experience how I am as a coach and decide if my style is right for you.

Springboard Life Coaching Sessions

Our sessions together are like a journey; a chance for you to explore new ways of thinking and behaving whilst feeling supported and safe. We will look at finding your inner strengths so that you can build on them and begin to utilise them in everyday life through self knowledge and awareness. By engaging with me, we can work together to develop various tools and skills to enhance your psychological well-being.

At the close of each session, we decide on some forward action that my clients agree to undertake before we next meet. This serves to deepen the understandings reached in the session. This might, for example, simply involve writing down some thoughts, or keeping a note of when certain behaviour patterns are recognised, or possibly experimenting with a new way of behaving. The following session begins with us looking at this, before commencing the work.

Areas of particular interest

Self Confidence



Stress & Anxiety