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Springboard Life Coaching Client Testimonials

Life Changing Work

“It is not an exaggeration to say that my work with Noëlle has been life-changing. She has enabled me to move forward from a very stuck place towards living wholeheartedly and beginning to achieve goals I had only dreamed about. The coaching process with Noëlle is dynamic and illuminating, and her sensitive and intelligent guidance has been invaluable. With her help I have gained greater self knowledge and dealt with obstacles to happiness. I would not hesitate to recommend Noëlle as a Life Coach, and bless the day I started working with her.”


Enriching, impactful and unforgettable

“I was (and still am) on a soul searching journey when I started my Coaching sessions with Noëlle. My experience with her as a Coach has been enriching, impactful and truly unforgettable. She has a warm curiosity that naturally encourages you to open up and enable her to unlock your potential. I have started to listen more to my heart and let that shine through to achieve what I truly desire.” LM

Invaluable and worth her weight in gold

“Noëlle’s coaching has resulted in me putting in place some real changes (in the way I think and act) which have massively improved my life and my outlook. She has helped me to really understand what makes me tick, what drives me and, most importantly, what has been holding me back. I have worked with Noëlle on the practicalities of changing careers and starting a business, and her questioning skills have helped me to work out what I want to do. Noëlle has been invaluable in helping me to identify and release some really unhelpful things I used to tell myself (mainly about my abilities, how other people view me, my chance of success and how confident I am or not!) and as a result I have felt so much more energized and optimistic. Noelle really listens, and really asks me some tough questions (she hones in on where the issue is and helps me to work it through). After a coaching session I almost always feel like I've really done some work but I also feel optimistic and ready to get out there and do it! How often do you find someone who is only interested in supporting you and helping you find out how to get the best out of your life and who does this brilliantly well? In Noëlle you've found this, and if she is your coach then you are extremely lucky - she is worth her weight in gold!”


Achieve the change you're looking for

“I loved working with Noëlle. She is a great coach, willing to help you achieve the change you’re looking for. She has a gentle yet firm approach, and she will help you gain clarity in whatever area of your life that might be blurry. I’ve had a few light bulb moments while being coached by Noëlle and that clarification helped me move forward more calmly and confidently. I wouldn’t hesitate in being coached by her again in the future and would totally recommend her.”


I can't thank her enough

“Noëlle really helped me think through things and then take measures to get results. She was firm as needed but also very sensitive and helpful. I am much more relaxed these days and doing better at work and outside work. It was a difficult process for me but Noëlle made it better with her patience and support. A great experience but also a necessary one to make things happen in my life. I can’t thank her enough."


Genuine happiness

“Noëlle helped me to discover how exciting life could be by allowing me to talk through my confusions and support me to take one simple step outside my comfort zone which led to genuine happiness”


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