If not now, when?

Rabbi Hillel - 13th Century

About Life Coaching

What life coaching is and how it can help

Life Coaching is interactive and essentially a dialogue between two equals. It works from the empowering premise that we have the resources we need within us, but often some outside assistance is required in order to access them.

Life coaching is about moving from where you are to where you want to be and it's done through a process of exploration, involvement and action. It’s about now and the future, with an acknowledgement of the past.


Life coaching's primary focus is on the patterns and issues that underlie the story that you bring. 


It's transformational and creates change from within. It is a journey that will help you to take up the reins of your life, and transform it into the life you want to live. 

Effective coaching will almost always reach further then the original issue being targeted, and will give you the tools to eventually become your own life coach. It may begin with a remedial or problem solving focus, but good coaching always looks beyond this.

You start to work out what you want and choose how to go about it, and in the process you learn more about both what motivates you and what obstructs you.

You begin to develop skills for your own self-management that often go far beyond the issue that initiates your journey. You start to move from confusion to clarity and action; to take stock, gain insight, regain control, and achieve balance in your life.

Why use a Life Coach?

We get out of life what we put into it. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to know what we want to put in, and perhaps even more difficult to know how.

It is never too late to learn, whether it be learning about oneself, or learning a new skill. Each moment we have provides us with the opportunity to develop our self awareness, and discover more of what it is that excites us about living.

It is important to live our life in keeping with what is important to us. Learning to transform fear into a motivating force that works for us is one of the most powerful lessons we can learn. 

Likewise, transforming lack of confidence into a real self confidence that sits firmly on an acceptance of oneself and others can liberate us, and allow us to make good decisions that ultimately increase our level of happiness and sense of wellbeing.

As a life coach, I believe that the client is the expert on themselves and their situation; the coach is the expert on helping you to discover what changes you want to make in your life – and small changes can have far-reaching results.

Are you seeking the self-confidence to exert greater control over the choices and decisions you make?
Is your life as good as it gets?
Do you want help to unleash your potential?

Career Life Coaching

Research shows that the people who are most satisfied and motivated by their work are in careers which:

  • Reflect who they really are

  • Reflect their true nature and real passion

  • Draw on their innate strengths, and employ their favourite skills

  • Allow them to honour their deeply held values

So, if the work that you are currently engaged in does not offer some or any of these, what is it that you can do in order to gain more satisfaction in your work?

Life coaching offers you the opportunity to explore what it is that would make you feel passionate in your work, at the same time as drawing on the gifts that you already possess. Are there things about your present job that you can change, or do you need to look further afield? How much of what is not enjoyable or fulfilling at work is because of the work itself, and how much of it relates to YOU and how you think and behave within the work environment?

Through engaging with a Life Coach, and together building up a strong and trusting rapport, you will start to develop your self-awareness, and allow yourself to begin exploring the issues, some previously unacknowledged, that are preventing you feeling fulfilled in your life.

Relationship Life Coaching

Human relationships offer us potentially the most fulfilling part of our lives. They can also be the most challenging. The people we deal with in our day to day lives may be business colleagues, other parents, or our closest friends and relatives. In order to add quality to our interactions at all levels, we sometimes need to remember certain things that influence how we behave within them.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin to work on improving our relationships, but life coaching can help.

Through coaching, whether in a face to meeting, or through Skype or on the telephone, you may be guided to examine some of the more complicated relationships in your life, gain an awareness of where your expectations sit in conjunction with reality, explore what belief structures and feelings you have within those relationships, and thus decide where you want to go next.


A life coach is not there to advise, nor to judge; rather, our role is to create a safe space where you know you will be listened and responded to as the unique individual that you are. The aim is not to try and change others, but to discover who we are in our relationships, and work on the beliefs and attitudes that influence how we behave within them.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that my work with Noelle has been life-changing. She has enabled me to move forward from a very stuck place towards living wholeheartedly and beginning to achieve goals I had only dreamed about. The coaching process with Noelle is dynamic and illuminating, and her sensitive and intelligent guidance has been invaluable. With her help I have gained greater self knowledge and dealt with obstacles to happiness. I would not hesitate to recommend Noelle as a Life Coach, and bless the day I started work with her.