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If not now, when?

Rabbi Hillel - 13th Century

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Life Coaching is interactive and works from the empowering premise that we have the resources we need within us, but often some outside assistance is required in order to access them

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Many years of working as a therapist and counsellor have given me a firm foundation and unique approach to Life Coaching. My work is client led and person centred

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I firmly believe the success of life coaching is based on choosing the right life coach for you. That's why I offer a free consultation so we have the chance to discover a little more about each other

“It is not an exaggeration to say that my work with Noëlle has been life-changing. She has enabled me to move forward from a very stuck place towards living wholeheartedly and beginning to achieve goals I had only dreamed about. The coaching process with Noëlle is dynamic and illuminating, and her sensitive and intelligent guidance has been invaluable. With her help I have gained greater self knowledge and dealt with obstacles to happiness. I would not hesitate to recommend Noëlle as a Life Coach, and bless the day I started work with her.